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CoVid-19 has brought the world to a stop!  Lets do something about this – TOGETHER.

All supports systems are overwhelmed, our non-profits/government organizations/faith-based communities are working as fast as they can. People that have found themselves suddenly without work have unmet basic needs.   Our mission is SIMPLE:  Lets help each other – human to human.

Cooperation Engine is being built to cater to support all of us in our time of need of help as well as for those willing to give. There are avariety of givers and receivers who need assistance around the world.

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Do you belong to an organization that’s is out to help people?  Get related to the immediate needs of the members and the organization and contribute immediately.  Our communities are made up by people like us.  Lets step up and help our teams and members! 

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Is your community already a Cooperative Engine?  If so fantastic!  Join your community and get contributing now!  Lets make this world more joyful to be a part off, don’t stand apart, be a part of the communities you are in

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Invite members

Is your tribe online yet?  We all could use a helping hand or could offer a helping hand!  Invite your friends and family and acquaintances to join and share what they need.  Share your community to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and grow it as quickly as you can!

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Ask for help or offer help – no hangups

One of the hardest things to do is ask for help – There’s so much that’s imposed on us for asking for help (shame, blame, guilt, judgement).  Our system takes that away!  Ask for what you need and only when you have found your angel do you reveal your identity!   Worried what someone may think if you are offering help, we got that too.  Offer anonymously

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Get really related to each other

We relate to each other from a space of “everything’s fine” no matter how hard it maybe.  Lets relate to each other as humans, share what we need and share in what others need!  Lets help each other like never before.

What is your community dealing with?

You joined a community – whether its a local neighborhood org, HOA, your religious or spiritual community, sport group, health, wealth, peace, habit, lets relate to WHAT is really happening in our community.  And then lets do something about it.   Help a community member take a worry away, get the basics or be a listening ear.  Whatever it is…. no judgement zone here.

You’re in good company

Deb’s House

Right now we are providing food and limited resources to our homeless neighbors. Our goal is to open a homeless shelter for single women here in Austin.

Friends of Peter

This the closed invite-only community for Friends of Peter


Asking and Giving Test Runs

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Voters Ride Share

Lets get Voters to Share rides for their safety

Because together we are stronger, lets get connected today